Four Rules to Follow When Planning a Funeral

18 February 2016
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Planning a funeral can be an emotional and stressful experience, but if it is your responsibility, there are some things to think about. The following rules will help you keep the planning organized and efficient, giving your loved one a funeral that helps everyone remember them fondly.

Follow Your Loved One's Wishes

The first rule of funeral planning is to use your loved one's preferences and wishes as a guide. If they had a will, it might include information about what they wanted for their funeral whether they already chose a casket and burial plot, or simply mentioned they wanted to be cremated and have their ashes spread in a certain lake. If no information was left behind, talk to their closest loved ones and friends to find out if the deceased mentioned anything about what they wanted. This is a good place to start if you are unsure what type of funeral would be suited for them. For further assistance, contact a local funeral director

Involve Others in the Arrangements

Even if you are the spouse or child of the deceased and the main responsibility of the funeral is up to you, don't try to do it all on your own. You should involve the person's loved ones when planning the funeral, both for recommendations on funeral arrangements, as well as for moral support. Involving them in the funeral decisions can also help them grieve just as much as yourself. This is not something anyone should have to do all alone.  

Concentrate On Important Details

Don't get caught up in trying to make the funeral perfect or spending more money than is necessary. You don't want to go broke paying for a loved one's funeral, as they probably didn't want that for you. If you are on a tight budget, stick to the things that are most important with the funeral, such as choosing a burial plot and casket, or selecting the type of urn if you are cremating them. Choose a funeral or memorial service that is simple and will help others pay their respects.

Ask Others to Say Something at the Funeral

Another thing that friends and relatives of the deceased can help with is saying something at the funeral or memorial service. This may include singing a song, reading a poem that reminds them of the deceased, or sharing a personal story about them. This helps take some of the pressure off you and allows others to be involved in the funeral at the same time.