3 Reasons Your Loved One's Funeral Needs a Photographer

23 February 2016
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Did you know that it was common to photograph loved ones who had passed during the Victorian era? While this practice fell out of favour over the years, it is now becoming increasingly common to hire a photographer for your loved one's funeral. The idea may seem unusual to you, but a professional funeral photographer can actually be beneficial during the burial and beyond. Here are 3 reasons you might want a photographer for your friend or family member's funeral.

Remember the Things You Saw

Unlike a cheerful wedding, where photographers are commonplace, a funeral is often thought of as a day of unhappiness. This is unsurprising, given how upsetting it can be to say your final goodbyes to someone you hold dear. However, many people find that they want to remember the day in spite of all the sadness. Memory loss is a common side effect of grief. If you have nothing physical to commemorate the day of the funeral, you may find yourself struggling to remember it in a few months time. Having photographs of the event helps alleviate this problem. The beauty of funeral photos is that you don't have to look at them until you're ready. Whether you have them put on a computer disc or in a photo album, you'll be able to save them until you're ready to enter the next phase of the bereavement process.

See the Things You Missed

If you're involved in the core planning of the funeral, you'll most likely find yourself very busy on the day. Unfortunately, this leaves little time to talk to family or see how friends are feeling. You may not get to have a close look at flowers or décor. When you're upset, you may struggle to focus on some of the most special aspects of the day. A good funeral photographer will capture these moments. From photos of floral displays to pictures of the deceased's comrades embracing, you'll be able to get the full picture of your loved one's funeral from the photographs. This saves you from over exerting yourself on the day trying to take in every part of your final parting with your friend or family member.

Save Others the Trouble

Even when a photographer isn't present, many of the departed's loved ones will want photographs. Everyone has their own moments they want to hold dear forever. However, these guests will generally be very emotional on the day. Spending large amounts of time trying to capture photos that reflect the beauty of their beloved friend or family member is not in their best interests. In addition, many guests may not be sure if their desire to take photos is considered disrespectful, given the relative newness of this practice. This puts unnecessary stress on everyone involved. While empathetic, a funeral photographer will always be able to maintain a professional distance that guests will not have. They can capture the respectful and sensitive photos everyone wants. Consider hosting the pictures on a private online storage drive so participants can view them in their own time. Choosing the right photographer for your loved one's funeral can be challenging during this difficult time. If you're struggling with your choice, talk to the funeral directors at your funeral home. They will be able to source some appropriate photographers who will capture your love one's funeral day with the love and care it deserves.