Guide to Choosing Flowers for a Funeral Service

27 November 2017
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Flowers are a staple during a funeral as they add a personal touch to the service. Additionally, they can also be a heartfelt way to commemorate the deceased's life by choosing their favourite blooms. However, if you would like your flower selection to have symbolic meaning, you may need some guidance as to what to pick for the funeral service. Below is a simple guide that should help you narrow down your options when choosing flowers for a funeral service:


As one of the most recognisable flowers for ceremonies, this article would be amiss without mention of roses. Typically, roses symbolise love, and this is what makes them an excellent choice for any occasion. Nevertheless, during a funeral, your choice of colour would give your roses an array of nuanced meanings. For instance, crimson roses are thought to signify grieving. Conversely, white roses would be associated with innocence, making them an excellent choice for children's funerals. Yellow roses, on the other hand, depict friendship and healthy relationships.


Lillies tend to be a ubiquitous choice for funerals as they are a classic white colour that is guaranteed to blend in with any type of funeral arrangement. In addition to this, the white is commonly associated with purity, innocence and sympathy, which are all great adjectives to associate with the deceased's soul.


If you are planning to place numerous standing flower arrangements rather than using hand-tied bouquets, then gladioli would be an excellent flower choice for your funeral. These blooms are considerably tall, which makes them conspicuous when used as your choice funeral flowers. In addition to this, the structure of the gladioli is quite rigid, so you would not have to worry about your standing arrangements becoming floppy during the service. When it comes to the symbolism of gladioli, these blooms are historically associated with a high moral character. They would be a great selection for funerals of individuals known for their integrity.


Another popular flower that can be integrated into both standing funeral arrangements or used as casket sprays are carnations. The meaning associated with carnations would be dependent on the colour of the bloom. Just as with lilies, white carnations are often associated with purity. Red carnations, on the other hand, are symbolic of affection so they would be an ideal choice for a loved one such as a spouse who has passed away. Another hue you could consider is pink carnations, which tend to be associated with remembrance and are a staple flower option for Christian funeral services.