Ways You Can Upgrade Your Funeral Home as a Funeral Director

29 July 2019
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As a funeral director, you likely want to ensure you stay modern. You want to make sure that you are keeping family-based clients while also attracting new clients. In order to do this, you need to make sure your funeral home offers amenities that others may not. Here are a few ways funeral directors can upgrade their funeral homes to keep clients and attract new ones.

Banquet Services

One aspect of a memorial service is having a catered memorial lunch or dinner. This can be done the day before the funeral or following the service. Most families must go through a third party to get this type of service. By expanding your funeral home to offer a catering kitchen and a dining area, you can save clients money and time. This service can mean that family can bring food and place it in the kitchen area. They can also have a catering company bring in food. The memorial meal can be held on-site and give the family an easier, more inclusive option. It is also a service that family members and friends will remember you offering, which attracts clients later when the need occurs.

Technology Services

When funerals occur, there can be several hours where the family is on-site preparing for family and friends. They will also prepare for the funeral to start and the different aspects related to the funeral. One upgrade you can offer to your customers is wireless access. This offers your clients the ability to use your wireless services while they wait and provides an option that many funeral directors may not have. It is an amenity that shows you are thinking of the client's needs beyond just the funeral and offering them a communication option they will need and use.


As a funeral director, you know that there will always be family and friends who are unable to attend a service. One way you can help with that situation is by offering to webcast the funeral. This can be done with the use of web cameras and live streaming options. With a password, your clients family and friends who can not attend can watch the funeral live from any location around the world. This allows them to pay respects and helps show you are advancing with the times to meet your client needs. 

These are just a few of the upgrades you can do in your own funeral home. If you are unsure about other options that may be available, consider discussing possible options with your staff. You can also ask clients to fill out surveys following using your service. These services can ask simple questions about what the clients liked and what amenities they wish you offered.  

For more information, contact a funeral director.