Two Common Misconceptions About Funeral Planning

28 February 2020
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A lot of people who find themselves having to organise their first funeral fall for one or both of the following misconceptions about this process.

Gravestones have to be ordered before the funeral service

If a deceased individual's remains are going to be buried, rather than cremated, then the person arranging their funeral will have to pick and buy a gravestone. However, many first-time funeral planners don't realise that they do not need to rush over to the funeral home and order this object before the funeral service but can instead choose it afterwards. As a result of this, these people may hurriedly order a gravestone and then find themselves regretting the features, materials or wording they chose.

The reality is that there is no need for a person to rush through the process of ordering a gravestone, as this item is not usually placed on top of a gravesite until several months after a casket has been buried in it. This is because, during this period, the soil will go through a settling process, during which it will shift and creep downward. Only after this settling process is finished should the gravestone be put onto the grave. If this object is installed prior to this, there is a chance that the gravestone might start to lean forward or backwards, as the soil that it is placed in moves. Due to the fact that a tilted gravestone could ruin a grave's appearance, funeral directors normally advise their clients to wait a while before adding this feature.

With this being said, it is sensible for a person in this position to ask the funeral home for a gravestone catalogue whilst they're preparing for the funeral so that they can begin to gain a better understanding of which gravestone sizes, materials and designs are available within their price range and would be fitting for the grave of the deceased person they will be burying. Getting a head start on this will ensure that when they then have to order the gravestone a few weeks or months down the line, they will pick the right one, after having given this purchase plenty of thought.

Funerals cost a fortune to organise

The other misconception that can worry a lot of first-time funeral planners is that funerals cost a fortune. While it is possible to host a very costly and elaborate funeral, the truth is that there are options available for those with limited means, that can make the funeral they're organising much more affordable.

For instance, if a person is flexible in terms of the time slot for the funeral and is prepared to have the funeral service and the burial during a slot that is slightly less popular (and therefore less costly), the funeral home's team members may be able to offer some of their services at a lower price. There is, for example, usually less demand for early morning or evening slots and so funerals held during these periods may be cheaper.