Options to Consider for a Grave Monument

29 December 2021
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Following a burial or an internment, you may want to consider your grave monument options. There are few strict rules when it comes to adding memorials to a gravestone. As such, the period between allowing the earth to settle and choosing your design is a great opportunity to consider your options. With some reflection, you can find a solution that commemorates your loved one in the best way possible.

Choosing a Statue

Some people decide to choose a statue rather than a traditional gravestone. You may want to do this to reflect the desires of your loved one or to commemorate them in a way that's unique to you. Angels are often a popular choice, especially if you follow certain religions. If you don't want to choose between a statue and a traditional stone, ask your funeral director about incorporating one into the other. Always remember, it's usually possible to add an inscription to a statue's base.

Images on Monuments

You may feel that adding an image to a gravestone is fitting. For example, if there's an image of you and your loved one that you're particularly fond of, adding it to the stone is an excellent way to help their memory live on. Some people also choose images that represent the person who passed. For example, if you have lost a child then an image such as a teddy can feel fitting. Before choosing popular cartoon characters or other such images, check for copyright issues. Your funeral director should be able to assist you with this.

Details of Their Life

Inscriptions featuring the details of someone's life and who they were on Earth are also popular. Usually, this involves their name, the day they were born and the day they were passed. You might also want to consider inscriptions such as "a loving mother," or "a huge fan of cricket." If a detail feels special to you and encapsulates the person's memory, it's worth adding to their grave.

Passages and Song Lyrics

Passages, song lyrics and quotes can also feel appropriate. If you're struggling to think of one that fits, discuss what the deceased person would have wanted with others who were close to them. Sometimes having these discussions can help you gain a sense of closure, as you'll have fun exploring your memories and reminiscing with others.

Finally, make sure you discuss finer details such as the font, sizing and cost of the monument with your funeral planner.