Family Not Supporting Your Plans For Cremation? 4 Ways To Discuss Your Decision With Them

11 April 2022
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If you're like many people, you might have decided to plan for your own funeral. If you've chosen cremation and your family isn't on board with that decision, now's the time to help them understand why you decided against a formal funeral. Getting family members to agree to cremation can be a difficult process, but it can be done. This is especially true if you take the right approach. If your family is having a hard time accepting the fact that you've chosen cremation, read the list provided below. Here's some information you can use during your family discussion. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If your family is against your decision to be cremated, now's the time to talk to them about the environment. This is especially important if your family already knows how concerned you are about your impact on the environment. One of the benefits of choosing cremation is that there's limited impact on the environment. First, there's no burial plot, which means you won't take up space in a cemetery. Second, no chemicals are used in the process, which helps to protect the environment. 

Choose a Significant Location

If your family refuses to accept your decision to be cremated, they might not have considered issues with the location. One of the problems with traditional burial is that your body is permanently entombed in one location. Unfortunately, once family members move away, there's no way to visit the gravesite. Not only that, but cemeteries don't provide the most personal significance. That's where cremation comes into the picture. With cremation, your loved ones can have your ashes with them at all times, even when they move. If you choose to have your ashes scattered, you can choose a location that holds an emotional significance to you and to your family. 

Take a Personal Approach

If your family wants to take a more religious approach to your funeral but that's not something you want to embrace, now's the time to discuss your personal preferences. One of the great things about choosing cremation is that you can take a more personal approach to your passing. In fact, you can choose a celebration of life, rather than a religious funeral. 

Leave a Lasting Memory

If your loved ones are concerned about your ashes, should you decide on cremation, let them know that cremation allows you to leave a lasting memory. Many people don't realise that cremated ashes can be turned into beautiful jewellery or can be planted in the garden with a memorial tree.

For more information about cremation, contact a local professional.