Should a Pet Attend Their Owner’s Funeral?

29 June 2021
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Whether it's appropriate to bring a pet to a funeral starts with the type of pet. Dogs are generally the only animal that is advisable. A cat, bird, reptile, or any other type of pet is unsuitable for such an occasion, despite the connection that they might have had with their owner. These animals are simply not used to being transported away from their home and being expected to remain calm and quiet. Read More 

Tips for Purchasing a Memorial Stone Online

9 March 2021
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When you think of purchasing a memorial stone for your family burial plot or for a loved one that has passed, you may consider purchasing directly from a funeral home. Although many funeral homes do have a wide selection, they may not have exactly what you are looking for. For this reason, you may want to consider going through a memorial artisan or memorial supplier. Here are a few tips for purchasing online from these types of suppliers so that you can get the memorial stone best suited for you. Read More